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MobilNet: " Mobility and career Development "


Πραγματοποιήθηκε στις Βρυξέλλες στις 04-05/10/2007, στα πλαίσια του προγράμματος MOBIL-NET, που υλοποιείται με την χρηματοδότηση της Ευρωπαϊκής Επιτροπής, σεμινάριο με θέμα: « Mobility and career Development».
Την Ελληνική πλευρά εκπροσώπησε ο πρόεδρος του ΙΝΕ/ΟΤΟΕ σδ. Αριστοτέλης Λάκκας

Mobility and Career Development
Brussels, 4 - 5 October 2007


Thursday, 4 October

9.00 Welcome & introduction to the project

9.30 Introduction of participants

10.00 Keynote speaker: Johan ten Geuzendam (to be confirmed)

10.30 Coffee break

Topic - Job mobility

10.45 Job mobility - impact on career, long life learning, education, etc.
Tom Vandenbrande, HIVA

11.15 Job mobility, career and wages for younger professionals in Denmark
Rasmus Conradsen, AC

11.30 Working groups: discussion of presentations

12.15 Presentation of results of working groups

12.30 Lunch

Topic: Cross-border mobility

14.00: Presentation of the case study:
Personnel management with regard to cross-border workers in SMEs (Southwest Flanders)
Tom Vandenbrande & Laura Coppins, HIVA

14.30 Questions and answers

14.45 Panel discussion: reactions to research and experiences from other cross-border regions

• 1 - 2 representatives of UNIZO (employers)
• Joana Agudo (President of ITUC): The experience of cross-border workers and their trade unions concerning career development
• Marjaterttu Koivula (AKAVA, Finland): The Finnish situation (to be confirmed)

15.45 Coffee break

16.00 Plenary discussion with researchers and panel

16.45 Summary of the day

17.00 approx. end of day 1

19.00 Dinner

Friday, 5 October

Topic: International mobility

9.00 Mobility and career development of professionals and managers (Quantitative results on mobility and career possibilities)
Tom Vandenbrande & Laura Coppins, HIVA

9.30 Questions and answers

9.45 Plenary discussion

10.45 Coffee break

11.00 Working groups: how to work with the results of the seminar

12.00 Presentation of working groups

12.30 Plenary discussion of strategy and next steps

13.30 Action plan and summary of seminar

14.00 approx end of seminar

avec le soutien de la Commission Européenne
with the support of the European Commission

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