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Professional and managerial staff and the mobile technologies A cooperation project between EUROCADRES and AFETT 1996-97

Including 3 seminars and a special workshop for professionals and managers from the company and from the union level. Greece was represented by the president of
Labour Institute of OTOE(INE-OTOE) Aristoteles Lakkas

Seminar 1 – March 1996, Florence:

Basic information on the technical aspects of mobile technologies

Basic information on the consequences to working organization

First exchange of national experiences with mobile technologies by the participants from different EU countries

Seminar 2 – May 1996, Stockholm:

Concequences for the working situation of p& ms using mobile technologies

Distance working

Case study on the new "mobile office"of Siemens Nixdorf Sweden

Challenges for the unions on company, national and transnational level

Workshop – April 1997, Brussels

With participants from the first 2 seminars mixed with new participants

Input: draft brochure on mobile technologies and p&ms

Workings methods: plenary debates, working groups and pc work

Output: rewritten and newly combined texts as a raw material for the brochure

AFETT-EUROCADRES seminar-January 1998, Vienna

"Professional and managerial staff in the information society"

Dealing with questions as

Changing of the working organization

Virtual networks and managers work

New models of work and hierarchy

New challenges of qualification

Trade unions activities to use networks

24 participants from the European Union members, members of Eurocadres affiliate unions professionals and managers from company or union level with personnel experience in electronic networks and collective bargaining

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